Why is Art Education Important?

The bottom line is essentially this: The arts help students to attain life skills, not only skills in a specific artistic discipline. The arts draw on a range of skills and abilities that encourage the development of study, social, and personal skills in addition to specific artistic techniques. For example, students involved in the arts scored consistently higher on math and reading tests than students of the same socioeconomic class without exposure to the arts. This effect is sometimes termed “rotary learning” as education in the arts not only increases achievement in arts related fields, but in other academic areas as well. As Richard Riley, secretary of the Department of Education, puts it “the arts can play a vital role in learning how to learn”. This is an essential skill for success in all fields in both school and work environments, and it is vital for all students to attain.

My favorite reason is that instills Confidence. While mastering a subject certainly builds a student’s confidence, there is something special about participating in the arts. Getting up on a stage and singing gives kids a chance to step outside their comfort zone. As they improve and see their own progress, their self-confidence will continue to grow.