Welcome to Lakita Costner Presents: Twelveart Blog

Hello! Since this is the first post, let me introduce myself. I am Lakita Costner, self-proclaimed artist, teaching artist, and lover of all things creative! Ever since I was a small child, I have had a need to create, whether it be a drawing, painting, or just being creative.

I graduated from Houston Baptist University with a concentration in Printmaking. I received my Bachelors of Applied Art and Design from The University of Houston- Clear Lake. Creativity and Visual Arts Education has been a part of my life since I was a child. I currently teach college and private school visual arts and Humanities classes. I am the owner of Twelve Art, an online handmade arts/goods store. My artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the world. I have a background in fashion design and marketing. Life sometimes takes turn and my career lead me to art. Being a full-time: mom, educator, teaching artist, and business owner can be hard. I always stay positive because I believe art is the most personal expression in the spaces we live. Although my own inspirations and meanings are woven into my art, I am always fascinated with what someone else may see and interpret. My hope is that you will find your own stories in my art that inspire and reflect your life. I would love to hear your comments here on my blog. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel ashamed or wrong for what you love. Own it and love it with all your heart. Art should uplift us, speak to us, move us or enhance our lives in some way that is personal…whatever that may be for you. That is art’s gift to us. That is its legacy… Welcome to my journey!!